Each year, A CLEARING invites Maine-based artists, writers, musicians, dancers, et al. to make work in conversation with a chosen poem. We call this recurring creative cycle A POSSIBLE PRACTICE.

Work created in conversation with “Etymology of butch.” “Rebirth” by EA Kane, “sabotage gods” by Chelsea Ellis, “Bochier” and “Buccus” by Kelsey Halliday Johnson, “hug” by Lavennz Ooi, “Sorry Bout the Egg” by Maia Snow, “Enough” by Jessica Townes George, “Little Bird” by Stephen Stratton.

Each year is different. To become a featured artist for the upcoming 2O2O cycle, submit a proposal here. Check out our 2019 cycle here. Read alongside us here.

Practice is an intentional act of returning. 
Through practice we grow into our possible forms.   


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