A CLEARING is an intentional space to slow down and make art outside the crashing waves of dominant culture. It is a space for all of us who rise from in-between-ness of rural isolation, of womxnhood, of queerness, of color to be seen, heard, and supported. 

As a practice: 

• We invite Maine creatives to make work in response to a rotating theme.

• We share readings that build on our theme.

• We host open community happenings across Maine.

• We focus on sustainable practice by compensating you and helping you find a paying audience for your work.

• We design zines and books—visual poems / surviving catalogs of the community we are growing together.

Against the bitter winds, we have cleared a space. We see you. Welcome home.

A CLEARING is co-founded and co-directed by Alana Dao and meg willing. 

Alana Dao is a writer/artist, mother, and restaurant professional. Born in Texas and raised in Asia and the US, her writing and artistic practice navigates the complicated relationships between food and contemporary culture related to race, gender, and socio-economic class. She lives in Portland, Maine. 

meg willing is a poet, editor, artist, book designer, and server. Born in Oregon and raised in South America, Asia, and Maine, her creative work explores trauma, loss, and fragmented memory through the integration of text and image. She lives in Farmington, Maine. 

Alana and meg have been working collaboratively on community-building art practices for six years and counting. They met in the food service industry in Portland.


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