…sun salutations, making lunches, studying faces, singing the vowels properly…

Jessica Townes George

Jessica Townes George is an artist whose practice is grounded in: sleeping on islands, reading poems, sun salutations, collecting things, giving things away, encouragement, exploring ecosystems, raising children, and movement. She explores her thoughts and dreams through painting, drawing, photographing and writing.  In between making her own art, she searches for new beautiful sites and old stories of the way folks used to do it.  Jessica has a BFA in Painting/Photography from Rhode Island College and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studio & Theory from the Maine College of Art (MECA). Working from the approach of spontaneity, observation, cultural issues and imagination, Jessica’s work considers various forms of life and landscape features as beautiful and carrying meanings that poetically search within the realm of certainty/uncertainty.  



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