I like to think that my work is a mirror that could reflect the viewer’s inner world…

Lavennz Ooi

Hug | 2019 | Oil & Ink on Xuan Paper | 16” x 20”

Lavennz Ooi was born on Penang island, northwest state of Malaysia. She grew up moving a lot within the island before she went south to Kuala Lumpur for her degree study, spent a few months in Malacca, stay another three years back in Penang and finally took a 8000 miles of flight to Maine, the pine tree state she’s called home since fall of 2013. Art has always been her favorite subject since her first year in school, which inspired her to draw from an early age. Regrettably, her relationship with painting was interrupted intermittently by all kinds hobbies as she grew up. Not until she was doing the last year of her engineering study, did she reconnect with her artist’s dream. Her works have appeared in various shows, in Greater Portland, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. In 2018, she had her first solo show in Portland, Maine. Other than art, she lives for coffee, early morning, grey sky, snows, and rains.



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