✧ Grief is collective and we are not alone. | Nicole Manganelli



Nicole Manganelli
Grief is collective and we are not alone., 2020
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From the artist: “the system of racial capitalism & the idea of american exceptionalism want us to believe in individualism at all costs, robbing us of the ability to grieve collectively. i wanted to remind us that there are many things we’re grieving at any given time & that we are not alone in that grief, & to reinforce the idea that engaging in meaningful acts of solidarity is a way to lower our isolation & start building a different world. these definitions of types of grief are messy, imperfect, overlapping, & definitely not all-encompassing. i just wanted to say i see you in your grief, & i’m here too.”

✧ Created for A POSSIBLE PRACTICE 2020, in conversation with Franny Choi’s poem “The World Keeps Ending, and the World Goes On.”


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