Each year, A CLEARING invites Maine-based artists to create work in conversation with a chosen theme. We call this recurring cycle A POSSIBLE PRACTICE

Practice is an intentional act of returning. 
Through practice we grow into our possible forms.  

In 2019, A POSSIBLE PRACTICE will also include 2-3 happenings across Maine and a retrospective artists book—an ephemeral visual poem/surviving catalog of what we’ve created together this year. 

A POSSIBLE PRACTICE would not exist without without your collaboration, you reading and creating alongside us, your willingness to stare into the center of yourself and bring something back.

Kristin Chang’s “Etymology of Butch”

(Please take the time to read in full. We promise it’s worth it.)

consumption/to consume/to be consumed by [something], to name as an attempt to know, “language is the fugitive of meaning”, lineage, human as animal, body as home, a fluidity of being, how power is wielded to define us, violence as or against creation

diving deep into this theme through art

Chelsea Ellis 
Jessica Townes George
Kelsey Halliday Johnson 
EA Kane 
Lavennz Ooi 
Maia Snow
Stephen Stratton



A POSSIBLE PRACTICE Pop Up : 229 Broadway : Farmington, ME
February 10 – March 10, 2019


✧ faced our fear of ladders ✧ wore matching outfits ✧ disco-danced for the whole street to see ✧ received the gift of typewriter poems on the spot ✧ lip synched to Talking Heads ✧ asked ourselves (and each other) what it means to be visible ✧ sung acapella Neko Case ✧ wrote letters to pen pals ✧ peeled fragrant citrus in midwinter ✧ played banjo country tunes ✧ hand painted letters inverse on windows ✧ sung in public for the first time ever ✧ shared illustrations of our daily life ✧ read “Etymology of Butch” in eleven different voices ✧ accepted help from our friends ✧ impersonated David Byrne ✧ placed keepsakes in a box ✧ planned a speakeasy ✧ sat and waited for company to join ✧ shared old family photos ✧ wrote into our personal etymologies ✧ weighed exactly one pound of onions ✧ played ukulele to The Cranberries ✧ re-learned the Pythagorean Theorem with illustrations ✧ read original poems aloud for the first time ever ✧ took mini-Polaroid pix ✧ hugged long ✧ listened deep ✧ allowed space for silence to grow our ideas ✧ practiced being possible ✧

Audrey Gidman welcomes us to write inward. Primary colors brighten winter at our opening reception. The keychain we just had to have. Katherine Ferrier‘s wondrous poems on the spot. Speakeasy planning with our youngest artists. Devon Kelley-Yurdin fills the room with song. Caitlyn Mello illustrates our talents.


A CLEARING X Tender Table : Cong Tu Bot : Portland, ME
Tuesday, August 6, 2019 4-6pm

A CLEARING X Tender Table core crew. Presenter Cassandra Loftlin, A CLEARING co-directors meg willing and Alana Dao, Tender Table founder Stacey Tran, and presenter Asha Tamirisa. Photo by Megan Jones Photography.

Our dream collaboration with Tender Table—a storytelling platform featuring women, trans, and nonbinary folks who are black, indigenous, or people of color! For this food + storytelling event, speakers Cassandra Loftlin and Asha Tamirisa made and shared home cooked dishes alongside their stories about their sweet, savory, sour, and bitter relationships to food and its connections to identity, memory, and community. The walls of Cong Tu Bot were dripping with artwork inspired by Kristin Chang’s poem “Etymology of Butch.” Deep thanks to everyone at @congtubot for providing this space, for making everyone feel welcome and taken care of. To Stacey Tran and all at @tendertable for deep and meaningful collaboration, the care and energy that made the event a true delight. To our presenters, Asha Tamirisa [@triadex_moose] and Cassandra Loftlin [@chefcassandra], who generously cooked food for us and nourished us with their stories. To all of our featured artists trusting us on this journey. And to everyone who filled the space with listening, laughter, and kindness.  ✧


Our artist’s book! Check back in September for ordering info and availability. We’re also planning a final happening of 2019. Think full circle. Think all the people and things you love in one place. Location and details TBA.

Support for A POSSIBLE PRACTICE 2019 is provided by the Kindling Fund, a grant administered by SPACE as part of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Regional Regranting Program.


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